24 Pack Eclipse Cooler


The all new water-friendly Eclipse features a waterproof UV 840 TPE coated outer shell, one inch thick CLOSED CELL FOAM insulation, and an FDA food grade liner!


As part of the new Polar Bear EC Line, the Eclipse is the most well insulated soft cooler ever made! The all new water-friendly Eclipse features a waterproof UV 840 TPE coated outer shell, one inch thick CLOSED CELL FOAM insulation, and an FDA food grade liner! The Eclipse’s superior insulation qualities put it in a high performance class of it’s own! This is the most well insulated, durable, and user friendly soft sided cooler you can own. The Polar Bear Eclipse is equipped with a YKK #10 rubber coated Splash Guard Zipper designed to keep water out – NOT IN.

Size: 10″ x 18″ x 12″, Weighs 5 pounds

Holds 24 – 12oz cans and 10 lbs of ice


Nothing keeps cool like a Polar Bear! The Polar Bear EC is a cooler you will be as proud to own as we are to make. It is the most well insulated soft cooler ever made, encompassing a 1.5″ thick closed-cell foam base, enclosed in a skid resistant rubber bottom saddle, surrounded by a 1″ thick closed-cell foam body with complete coverage top to bottom. This makes Polar Bear EC the only “zip down the middle” cooler with this level of insulation and coverage.

Durable, practical and easy to use, the Polar Bear’s unique fold down design combines large mouth, wide-open easy access for maximum storage capacity with the ability to buckle down and tighten up for maximum space to cold-chill retention performance. The Polar Bear is the ONLY cooler, soft or hard, with this level of flexibility, performance and functionality.


In the world of Soft Coolers, you are only as good as your interior liner. All Polar Bear Coolers are made with the strongest, safest and most durable liner ever built into a soft cooler. Our proprietary liner is created with antimicrobial FDA-Approved materials, and is guaranteed leakproof for life. If it’s not TPU Double-Coated Nylon, then it’s NOT a Polar Bear! Our heavy duty welded, leak proof/sweat proof liner is puncture resistant, flexible when frozen, and crack resistant to -77 degrees Fahrenheit, making it nearly indestructible. A key factor in maintaining a high-performance soft cooler is keeping it clean. The Polar Bear liner pulls inside out, effortlessly, for easy cleaning and stowaway.


Quick and easy access to the products you have packed inside of your cooler is essential. The standard line Polar Bear EC comes equipped with our heavy duty YKK #10 weatherized, rubber coated, splashguard zipper. This zipper is designed to keep the cold in and hot out.

If you are an aerial stunt pilot, you may need a water tight dive zipper on your Polar Bear Cooler. You are in luck! We offer this option for an additional $100. However, this option will restrict access to internal entry by roughly 9″ making it much more of challenge to get in and out of. But when you are upside down in an airplane you have to weigh out your options. For all others, we recommend you keep your Polar Bear Cooler right side up as our product is designed to have large openings for quick, easy access when stationary and buckle down tight for maximum full coverage insulation while on the move. This is just one of the functions that make the Polar Bear the most versatile, practical and easy to use cooler available, without compromising cold-chill retention.


  • Performance enhanced outer shell fabric utilizes a solar reflective UV 840 denier TPE coated nylon outer shell, making it ideal for those unavoidable direct sunlight activities.
  • FDA FOOD GRADE Leak Proof, Sweat Proof Dura Temp Liner. Puncture resistent, flexible when frozen and crack resistant to -77 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Heavy Duty YKK #10 weatherized, rubber coated WATER RESISTANT splashguard zipper. This is NOT a water tight dive zipper. For that we need to special order. But it is all 99% of you will ever need.
  • Most well insulated soft-sided cooler ever made, housing up to 1.5″ closed-cell foam with full coverage top to bottom.
  • Field-tested to keep ice for up to 3 days.
  • Unique buckle down design allows for easy access and maximum storage capacity.
  • 100% waterproof inside and out. Made from all waterproof materials, meaning water will not damage the product in any way.
  • Skid resistant rubber bottom saddle.
  • Top quality shoulder strap and hardware.
  • Two aluminum side-release buckles that double as bottle openers.
  • Four carabineer bow tie daisy chains (two on each side).
  • Eight stainless steel tie downs (four on each side, top to bottom). Will attach to anything!

Additional information

Weight5.00 oz